I am delighted to share my experiences with the Tourtelot Real Estate Company and its exceptional leader, Bill Tourtelot. In an industry where some realtors simply pass a test and claim expertise, Tourtelot Property Management stands out with a deep-rooted foundation in real estate and an extensive wealth of knowledge that they consistently apply to their work. This expertise is not a mere happenstance; it stems from decades of hands-on experience in real estate and a profound family legacy, dating back to 1928.

My first interaction with Bill dates to around 2010 when I was seeking property to purchase. Despite my financial capability, I had recently retired to Florida, which made traditional means of purchase a challenge. Bill, with his unwavering determination and acumen, identified the perfect property and negotiated with the owner to allow me to make payments over a designated period, until I could buy the home outright.

Years later, when the need arose to sell my parents' home after their passing, I initially engaged another real estate agency. Regrettably, no progress was made, and the property was undervalued. It was a fortuitous moment when I discovered that Tourtelot Property Management was available to handle the sale. l entrusted them with the task, and they employed meticulous strategies to identify the ideal buyer. The TPM team conducted a comprehensive analysis of recent property sales in the area, a step that the previous agency had overlooked. Their efforts resulted in a substantially higher selling price and a successful transaction.

I emphasize their extensive buying and selling experience to underscore the fact that the team leverages their profound real estate expertise to deliver an exceptional Property Management experience. Prior to learning that Bill handled property management, I encountered numerous issues, including unethical Property Management personnel. These people were unscrupulous and dishonest, and provided me with a problematic tenant who had a previous eviction, which resulted in my suffering severe financial losses! After this, when I attempted to find a tenant myself, I was approached by tenants with questionable ethics, including writing bad checks and having a history of domestic violence charges. As a landlord, who needed to prevent more losses, I refused to engage with such individuals, preferring instead to leave my rental property vacant.

Bill came to the rescue once again. His dedicated team, including David Weiss, efficiently screened potential tenants, checking their references thoroughly and utilizing their extensive knowledge to ensure that I would have a hassle-free rental experience. David was very organized, kept me informed at every step, and I know that he took time away from his family to meet a tenant on a Sunday. The team's diligence and expertise brought me a reliable tenant and peace of mind.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Tourtelot Property management and their proficient staff for their services in Property Management.


- Susan Kayser, M.Ed

Dear Bill, 

Clara and I would like to recognize the outstanding service provided by your company and specifically Richard Wasilik. Richard has provided many years of nothing but professional service managing our rental properties. 

His understanding of people is evident in several long-term tenants, several of whom were in the properties as long as ten years. He was attentive to their needs and provided excellent responsiveness balanced with a keen eye towards minimizing unnecessary expenses.

The properties were always well maintained and vacancies were kept to a minimum. Several tenants expressed their pleasure working with Richard as he was fair and compassionate to their individual situations. Once again, he provided an excellent level of service with a great balance of fiducial responsibilities to us as owners. His ability to select quality people greatly minimized missing or late rents. 

As a result of advancing age, we are selling all the rental properties. Through that process, we have been reminded of how great Richard is at understanding people. A great majority of the tenants moved out and left behind houses so clean that they were ready to be shown the next day. 

Richard Wasilik is a credit to Tourtelot Property Management & Leasing and he represents all that is good in our society.


- Charles B. Hasbrouch, Jr.

As a property owner who has handled property rentals on my own in the past, working with a property management company never really crossed my mind. That was until I began the process of renting my luxury townhome. I was referred to Tourtelot Property Management, specifically David Weiss, by a realtor I was working with at the time.

After speaking with David Weiss and with Bill, the president of Tourtelot Property Management, I was immediately impressed with their level of experience and knowledge of the St. Petersburg area. Their decades of experience really showed in the initial conversations about my property and the local real estate market.

The communication provided by the Tourtelot team was great. I never had to wait for a response, and I was always kept up to date with any updates while searching for the best tenants.

One thing that stood out to me when searching for tenants was their goal to find the "right" tenants for the property. The Tourtelot team was not interested in simply finding someone to rent the property. They wanted to find the perfect tenants who would take care of the property and treat it as their own, in addition to being the most qualified financially.

And boy, did they find some great tenants fast! After developing and implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy that included email marketing, postcards, professional color photos, aerial photos, property staging, social media posts, and a special custom website for my townhome, the Tourtelot team found great tenants for my property. The two tenants now leasing my townhome are a respected neurosurgeon and the COO of a major hospital in downtown St. Pete.

All the components of the marketing strategy were implemented at the same time. This saturation is what allowed Tourtelot to find these great tenants so fast.

I highly recommend Tourtelot Property Management to any property owners looking to rent their properties. Their marketing is second to none, and they will work tirelessly to find tenants you will actually want to rent your property.

I got exactly what I paid for and would gladly work with Tourtelot and David again for any other properties I plan to put on the market to rent!

Thank you, Tourtelot Property Management, for your assistance!

- Darrell – St. Petersburg, FL

I can’t praise enough the work Tourtelot Property Management did for my family. My aunt, her stepson, and my brother lived in the property for a few years. After my aunt’s stepson and my brother moved out, she needed to find a property manager to assist in managing the property.

Eventually, my aunt discovered Tourtelot Property Management. After an initial meeting with Debra Ogle, Tourtelot’s Director of Operations, it didn’t take long for my aunt to select the Tourtelot firm as the new property managers. 

For the next decade, David Weiss, Tourtelot Property Manager, and the Tourtelot team assisted my aunt with any management needs she had! They would go above and beyond to ensure my aunts needs and the needs of the tenants were met fast! I specifically remember my aunt telling me that they collected rent fast and that a lot of the stress of being a property owner was absent, thanks to Tourtelot. 

My aunt also remarked about the quality of the marketing Tourtelot used to present the property and the quality of the tenants they found to rent to. Every feature and detail of the property were presented in the best light. Every tenant treated the property as if they were the owners! 

Recently, my uncle passed away, so my aunt had to sell the property, due to ongoing health issues. With the sale, the tenant at the time began looking for a new property to rent. David Weiss was able to find them a new rental property fast and helped with the logistics of getting them moved into the property.

Bill was not only able to assist with the initial sales process, but he found a buyer fast and got us a fantastic price for the property! My family, and myself personally, have worked with several real estate agents. However, Bill and his Team is BY FAR the best we have worked with. I cannot recommend Tourtelot enough for property management services to any owners. 

- Jerry, Florida

Working with Tourtelot Property Management has been a wonderful experience since day one! 

My father was a mortgage banker and had a good deal of experience in real estate. He was also the president of an HOA in Tierra Verde. When I purchased an investment property around 15 years ago, he reached out to a property manager he knew to potentially take up the responsibility of managing my new property. 

Though the manager wanted to, she could not accept the job, as it was outside her normal working area. However, she recommended Debra Ogle at Tourtelot Property Management. The name “Tourtelot” was immediately recognizable to me! 

Interestingly enough, I was aware of Bill Tourtelot prior to purchasing the property. I knew about Bill as a Broker and coincidentally, I had signed up to work with Tourtelot Brothers years ago. I had no idea he also provided property management services.  But boy, was I delighted when I found out! 

I knew just how professional, hard-working, and the years of industry experience and knowledge Bill brought to the table. I could think of no better person to trust my property too. To top it all off, he was 5 minutes away from the property! After an initial meeting, we signed the paperwork and Tourtelot Property Management became the property manager for my property.

From their first day on the job, Tourtelot PM made my life as a property owner so much easier! Over the course of the 15 years I owned the property, David Weiss, my specific property manager at Tourtelot, handled any issues that arose. And let me be clear, there were very few issues. 

One great example is when the refrigerator died. I was preparing to purchase a new one for the tenant, when Davis Weiss contacted me. He had a connection where I could get a used refrigerator installed for the tenant fast. I agreed and the fridge was delivered and installed right away. Not only was the delivery and installation fast, but the fridge was in GREAT condition! I couldn’t believe it was used. 

No matter the issue, I could always rely on David to have solutions ready when I needed them the most. I never had to wait long for a response. Communication always seemed to be a top priority with Bill, Debra, and David. 

The quality of tenants Tourtelot found for me were the best! Their marketing strategy and use of great color photos really made a difference highlighting the small details of the property even I was not aware of!

When I owned the property, there were three tenants in total. Two of the tenants lived in the property for a combined 14 years! These tenants took care of the property like it was their own. I literally sat back and let them handle the property, with help from David and the Tourtelot Team of course! I am truly grateful for these tenants and the work and screening process Tourtelot PM used to find them. 

Recently, I decided to sell the property to focus on other things, like my retirement. I worked with Bill specifically for the sale, and I am glad I did! Bill has a philosophy of “finding a buyer who sees what the house can be, not what it is.” 

Bill wrote up a listing in MLS that was highly detailed and really brought out the best aspects of the property. Once again, I was surprised at how many details I wasn’t aware of as the owner of the property. 

Bill found a buyer and got me a great price, far above what I was expecting to sell for, considering the volatile market in Florida. 

It goes without question that I recommend Tourtelot Property Management to any property owners. Their team has the experience and know-how to make your life as an owner stress free and enjoyable. You’ll never have to worry about the tenants living in your property, as the Tourtelot team spares no expense finding the best tenants possible. 

Their professionalism and experience translate into dollars! 

- Tom Hale

Working with Tourtelot Property Management has been a wonderful experience since day one!

After my father passed away in 2004, I came into possession of his home, which I decided to put on the market to rent. At the same time, my grandmother was managing an apartment complex, which she had been managing for some time.

She mainly oversaw managing the property and tending to the tenants' needs. Managing the property and finding tenants soon became a bit too much for her to handle.

I began looking for an experienced property manager to take over the responsibilities of managing my father’s home. It was in August of 2008 that I learned of Tourtelot Property Management.

After researching them a bit, I was highly impressed with their over 94 years of experience and knowledge in the area. I had a great feeling about them after speaking with Debra there at Tourtelot PM. I knew Tourtelot was the perfect choice to manage my father’s home and possibly even the apartment complex for my grandmother. I convinced my grandmother to begin working with Tourtelot PM shortly thereafter.

I worked with David Weiss, who has been an absolute PLEASURE to work with! David still assists with leasing and helps me with any questions and management issues I encounter.

Thanks to Tourtelot, I was able to focus on my education and rest assured knowing the property was in good hands. I can’t stress enough how helpful it was to be able to focus on my education knowing my property is being well managed properly.

In 2020, my grandmother sadly passed away, which is when I came into full possession of the complex.

David has regularly gone out of his way to assist me with whatever questions and needs I or my tenants have had. This includes finding the BEST contractors in the area for any repairs or maintenance.

I was specifically impressed with the marketing strategies Tourtelot presented and implemented to find the best tenants for the apartments. Their use of high-quality color photos and tenant screening measures helped find not only good tenants but also tenants who actually care about the property and pay on time!

Before working with Tourtelot, I had a bad experience with a tenant who claimed to have been injured when the property was being painted. David was able to find me a lawyer who resolved the situation quickly and to my benefit. However, I have not had a single issue with any of the tenants in the complex since working with The Tourtelot Team!

I have recommended Tourtelot to friends who also need properties managed and leased. I wouldn’t even think of working with another property manager. I am so grateful that I found them and for all of David’s hard work.

I’m looking forward to Tourtelot Property Management managing a new apartment complex for me soon!

- Stephanie, Florida

I want to thank you for what has been a smooth transition from my previous property manager to Tourtelot. Your property managers are incredibly responsive, cooperative, and best of all, proactive. It’s refreshing to find such a high level of professionalism and service after having struggled so long to find a great property management company. My only regret is that I had not found you sooner! Thank you again for the excellent team you have managing my property.
- Craig, California

I would like to commend you on your expert handling of an insurance issue at my condominium. I have always been able to rely on your good advice and a calm perspective when issues have come up over the years. You have always been easy to work with! Since I’m about 1600 miles away, your integrity, professionalism, and attention to detail makes it possible for me to get through the situations with confidence. You clearly have the best interests of your clients in mind, even a very small one like me! Tourtelot was recommended to me in 2004 by a friend in St Pete, and her recommendation has proved to be well founded.
- Diane, Pennsylvania

I am writing to let you know that I am extremely impressed by the speed at which you were able to find a tenant for our home. I appreciate the professionalism of you and your staff in assisting us with our property, and look forward to our continued involvement. Having searched for different property managers and interviewing several agencies, the clear choice was with Tourtelot and I’m glad I went with you. The communication and attention to detail is what lead me to go with your company. Knowing that my house is good hands and now has a tenant is a great load off our shoulders especially considering the fact that we are now living in California and I am out of the country due to being active duty Navy; it is one less thing we have to worry about! Thanks.
- Mario, California

I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks for the professionalism that my property manager exhibits in dealing with my property in St Petersburg. We can rely on him to quickly handle any issue that arises and he always has answers to our questions. It is a pleasure working with him. Very Truly Yours,
- Thomas, Florida

I wanted to let you know what a great property manager we have; he is a real asset for Tourtelot. He has managed my townhome at Banyan Bay for about 7 years and has done a great job. He is a good communicator and has followed up on everything I have ever asked him to do. Companies are only as good as their people and Tourtelot is lucky to have such a manager! Thanks again.
- Jim, North Carolina

I would just like to thank you for the wonderful job you did for me in renting my property. Your professionalism and coordinating the various vendors with competitive bids to prepare my property for leasing was a great relief for me. I would also like to thank you for suggesting that I rent the property for a higher price and leasing it to such a great tenant so quickly for me. It is a huge relief to me that you are managing the property for me and I would sincerely recommend your services to anyone. Thank you so much,
- Miro, Florida

Your thoughtfulness is appreciated more than you know. We so appreciate your assistance in getting our property sold. Your property manager sure did a responsible job for us over the many years! Kind Regards,
- Reinhold, California

I wish to inform you of a situation that happened this month with a tenant of mine in St Petersburg. They had an unfortunate breakdown of the refrigerator, where there was a loss of food and some important medications. They were in dire need of help in either getting the refrigerator repaired or replace immediately. Your property manager at Tourtelot assisted these tenants in procuring another refrigerator to replace the defective one quickly. My thanks go out to you and your company for the fine services and cooperation I receive.
- Ronald, Florida