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How Tourtelot Deals with Nightmare Tenants

System - Wednesday, October 12, 2022
Property Management Blog

Nightmare tenants can be a hassle for landlords to deal with. Here's how Tourtelot Property Management will handle tenants for you. 

Every landlord has been forced to deal with nightmare tenants and it's always a frustrating situation. Tourtelot Property Management has certainly had its fair share of difficult tenants to deal with. So, we thought it’d be a good idea to illustrate how we deal with bad tenants for landlords, so they don't have to concern themselves with these headaches and situations. 

We Set Specific Expectations

One of the most important steps taken by property managers to handle nightmare tenants is to make sure they know what's expected of them. Depending on the tenant, this may concern paying rent by a certain date, keeping the noise level down, being respectful to other tenants, etc.

We make sure every tenant understands what is expected of them before they sign a lease. 

We Stay Calm and Rational

The last thing you want to do with nightmare tenants is raise your voice or act angrily because all that does is elevate the situation. Our property managers are very adept at dealing with difficult tenants and will always stay calm and rational in their discussions. In many cases, this will deescalate a volatile situation. But if not, it at least helps avoid legal entanglements.

We find remaining calm allows us to stay in control of the situation and find a rational solution that works for every party involved. 

We Keep Written Records

Depending on what kind of situation you're looking at, legal or otherwise, it's always a good idea to keep detailed, written records. When anything of concern happens, our property managers will log the date, time, and pertinent details. This can come in very handy if there's ever any dispute or legal proceedings.

We Communicate with Each and Every Tenant 

Tenant communication is one of the key elements of dealing with difficult or unreasonable people. Our property managers aren't skittish nor afraid of a respectful confrontation. But even before a situation escalates, they'll stay in contact with the tenant, discuss any issues, and attempt to resolve problems amicably.

Kindness is Key 

It's important to remember that all tenants have stresses in their lives just like everyone else, so there's no reason to be cruel to them. In fact, we take on the philosophy that "kindness is key" will often help resolve situations. This can include being extra patient, answering calls and texts very quickly, making certain accommodations, etc.

We Make Necessary Changes

As property managers, whenever we attempt to nip and situations in the bud before they become a major issue. Once we're assigned to a property, we'll go over all the details as to how certain situations are handled such as paying rent, scheduling maintenance, dealing with noise, etc. If we can make changes that will avoid problems, such as allowing an online payment option for late payers, we'll implement them. 

We Try to Avoid Evictions

Some property managers like to throw around the word eviction as a constant threat, but that's a terrible idea. While it's true that tenants sometimes need to be evicted, this is a lengthy, costly endeavor. Our property managers will do whatever is possible, within reason of course, to work with tenants and hopefully avoid eviction options. 

We Find the Best Tenants

A great way to prevent nightmare tenants is to make a "preemptive strike," so to speak. Our property managers have a good instinct for finding the best tenants. This isn't always foolproof, of course, but the series of interactions that happens from the application process to signing a lease will often indicate which tenants are likely to be the highest quality.

We are interested in finding and working with the best tenants available. 

Contact Tourtelot Property Management to Deal with Nightmare Tenants

Tourtelot Property Management can help you deal with nightmare tenants and all other aspects of property management. We'll find the best tenants for your property and ensure the match is a great fit! 

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